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These are questions that should be discussed between you and your family so that in the unfortunate event this should happen you and your family will be ready.After careful discussion, the final decisions you make should be reflected in the document.Download in Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx), or Open Document Text (.odt).This document combines a Health Care Directive, which is your Living Will, along with a Medical Power of Attorney to appoint an agent.If you wish to only use the Medical Power of Attorney, strike an X through this section.

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All that is required is for the Principal (the patient) to enter their end-of-life treatment options and have the living will signed in the presence of a notary public and/or witnesses (depending on State Laws).

A daughter or son for example would be a good choice, as they are expected to outlive your life.

An agent can not be your physician or anyone that directly administers health care to you.

A Living Will, also known as an “Advance Directive”, allows a person to state their end-of-life medical treatment and care.

This document does not hold any bearings after death, it solely directs physicians to care for a person based on what is stated in their Living Will, especially with issues such as DNR (do not resuscitate).

Take a moment to reflect on what course of action you would like to take in the event for certain medical events that could occur such as: Depending on your individual preference would would you like to have the medical staff to do everything possible to keep your alive?

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